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Lumibright Indoor Catalogue vol 4.1

Our latest LUMIBRIGHT INDOOR CATALOGUE Vers. 4.1 2015. With our new Catalogue we are offering a range of more than 4000 items with which we are able to cover almost all Architectural Lighting needs. On the market hi

Lumipro catalogue vol 4.1

LUMIPRO - Aluminum LED Lighting Profiles with a large variety of profiles in many sizes and shapes to suit for every LED Lighting project. Surface with pendant, recessed, Tube, Wall, Wardrobe, Step, Shelves, Handrai

Lumiflex Catalogue Vol 4-1

LUMIFLEX products excel in the ability to integrate into different architectural environments. Flexible in the application from Indoor Cove lighting to Outdoor applications with LUMIFLEX NEON our products are design

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