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LB NEWS / Complete Lighting Solutions for SUPC,Sharjah

Complete Lighting Solutions for SUPC,Sharjah

INSPIRATION DELIVERED For a natural day light effect, a modish set of Luminaries comprising an assortment of Spotlights, Track Lights, Panel Lights, Surface Profiles and Cove Lighting Corner Profiles were installed for ample illumination in the Sharjah Urban Planning Council (SUPC) New Government Office at Al Hind Towers, Sharjah. Each of the layouts from reception desk, meeting room, employee cabinets, entry ways to restroom received individualized light design fittings for sufficing their utility criteria to increase functionality and provide overall comfort. Lighting that is visually stimulating yet aesthetically pleasing provides a pleasant experience for visitors, customers, guests and employees. LED lighting is steadfastly gaining popularity among more and more businesses -- for offices, warehouses, manufacturing spaces, retail stores and much more. Switch to quality energy efficient lighting.

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