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LB NEWS / Cozy shelf-lighting with lumibrights WAY mini- spotlights

Cozy shelf-lighting with lumibrights WAY mini- spotlights

WAY SPOTLIGHT FIXTURES This range of miniature LED spotlights provide ambient lighting making your space feel nice, lavish & cozy. They instantly brighten up your shadowy corners & shelves to give your interior space a touch of sophistication at the same time. Emitting less heat & with IP40 they can be used safely in smaller spaces to illuminate book shelves, kitchen cabinets, showcases with fancy artwork & tiny sculptures, photo frames, cosmetic racks, all to beautify, increase visibility or help find items with ease. The mini-spotlights are available in Black, White & Silver Finish. Visit more details at http://lumibright.co.uk/product/lumiindoor/Spot/Way/LB2514/5155 Art Numbers: LB2513, LB2514, LB2516

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