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LB NEWS / Lumibright task lights for commercial display illumination

Lumibright task lights for commercial display illumination

Task light series are an optimum lighting solutions for commercial display, offering a systematic uniform beam of light over interested objects to increase visibility & aesthetical appeal. New smart technology enable task lights to provide clear direct high efficient illumination by consuming power at minimal level, thus conserving energy. HIGHLIGHTS: > Provide impressive, efficient & stable illumination, without much energy consumption. > Enhances product appeal attracting the attention of customers. > Professional design blends style with functionality, virtually enhancing value of commercial products. > Reliable & durable illumination, easy to clean & maintain. APPLICATIONS: Slender in design, the slim task luminaires are aptly suited for augmenting the commercial display of products such as high-end jewelries, luxurious watches, pens, antique items, cell phone models & various accessories at boutique

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