led lighting


LUMIDECO consists innovative brand new functional decoratives, designer lighting family, architectural lightings, office lighting products, hospitality lighting segments. We choose the collections with utmost care and attention with our last 10 years of experience in lighting segment. we work with renowned industrial designers, consultants to get the design and technical ideas then went thru further consultation with Lighting design consultants to make it sure our lighting products are not just another decorative lighting but it can give quality lighting to illuminate the spaces. 

This range can be used not only secondary lighting solutions as normally decorative lights traditionally used, but can used as the primary lightings to illuminate large office spaces, home, commercial areas, hotels, malls and hospitals. Instead of standard widely used same look and feel lighting products, we give our clients a good opportunity to convert their space to ultra modern to make something entirely different. We are sure this luminaires will make your place stand out from the clutter and give you a different class. we believe this range will illuminate your ideas and enhance to be more creative while choosing lighting for your next project

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