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Is the Indoor Lighting Range of LUMIBRIGHT -  A complete range of Indoor Lighting solutions inspired to interpret light with passion and cleverness, paying attention to both technological innovation and the emotions that light is able to excite.

Our goal is to develop products that are extraordinary; products that originate in practice but have a different approach and are credible and convincing. A complete range of TRACK LIGHTS, DOWN- and SPOT LIGHTS, WALL LIGHTS , PANEL – and PENDANT LIGHTS including a vast range of INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING APPLICATIONS   enables us, using LED light systems  efficient and long-lasting to come up with the best solution for all requirements.   LEDs  offer entirely new potential for design and ergonomics – resulting in minimal construction for a more integrated product design which is reflected over our whole Range of INDOOR LIGHTING PRODUCTS. LUMBRIGHT photometric concept© with LED integrated precision reflector modules is just one of the advanced technologies developed and used by LUMIBRIGHT to offer not just illumination but real Lighting solutions.

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