led lighting


Is the Outdoor Range of LUMIBRIGHT - Exceptional performance, attention to detail, originality and sustainability are the driving forces behind our Outdoor Lighting solutions.

Performance: Each and every product is developed in accordance to light performance, efficiency and Lifetime with a particular attention to mechanical and functional aspects.

Quality: Every detail is conceived for Quality - with LUMIBRIGHT nanotech painting©  technology our products are able to withstand even in the most raff environments .

Wall lights, Inground lights  and Flood lights for coordinated building detail, which help to round off from private villas to sophisticated buildings and historical architecture. Bollard and Garden lights with a selection of luminaires suitable for the illumination for the illumination and design of public and private exterior. A selection of Outdoor IP rated Spot and Downlights including a selection of Pendant lights for correct and practical planning of your light. Street and Tunnel lights for a save navigation duing night time.

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